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Te Tiriti O Waitangi

Our services can be tailored specifically to your context and can be provided in-person or online. By agreeing to Engaging Well as your provider, you agree to cover all required travel and accommodation costs (if required in the course of our work with you). Our cancellation policy will also be discussed with you.

Treaty 1

A half-day (or three hours minimum) interactive facilitated discussion for up to 25 participants in-person or 20 participants online. This workshop explores:

  • The historical context of colonisation in Aotearoa
  • The historical context of the signing of Te Tiriti
  • The purpose, intent, and meaning of Te Tiriti including understanding the differences between the Māori and English texts
  • The historical and contemporary breaches of Te Tiriti and their impact on Māori and Aotearoa
  • The constitutional and legal status of Te Tiriti
  • The relevance and application of Te Tiriti to you and your context

Cost: $1995 + GST per workshop

Treaty 2

Upon completion of Treaty 1, we can work with you further to create a plan around implementing and realising Te Tiriti in your context. This may include:

  • Reviewing your current policies, business/work, values, vision, staff, clients, and key resources
  • Identifying what is consistent and what is inconsistent with Te Tiriti
  • Identifying the relevant Te Tiriti terms and principles and understanding what these mean in your context
  • Advising on areas for improvement and change
  • Planning new initiatives to implement and realise Te Tiriti

Cost: to be discussed and agreed

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