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Māori Performing Arts

Our services can be tailored specifically to your context and can be provided in-person or online. By agreeing to Engaging Well as your provider, you agree to cover all required travel and accommodation costs (if required in the course of our work with you). Our cancellation policy will also be discussed with you.

We have experienced composers, tutors, and Te Matatini performers amongst our team of consultants.


We can compose a waiata, haka, karakia or other Māori cultural items tailored to your organisation’s staff, work, principles, values, and clients. We will discuss with you the relevance and appropriateness of your intended use of the item before we agree to undertake the work. These bespoke compositions will include:

  • Lyrics, translation, chords (piano and/or guitar) and explanation
  • Audio file
  • Complementary actions and/or guitar or piano chords (if required)
  • Tutorial to learn and practise the item (if required)

The benefits of your organisation having its own item are multi-fold:

  • The item will align specifically with your brand identity
  • No other organisation will perform your item at internal or external events
  • No more performing well known items that are overused
  • The item will be a tangible contribution to developing your unique culture

Cost: $1995 + GST for lyrics, translation, chords, explanation, and audio file
$295 + GST additional cost for actions
$495 + GST additional cost for a one-hour tutorial

Teaching Kapa-haka

We can tutor kapa-haka to your organisation. This includes learning the background and context behind various kapa-haka elements, learning classic and original items and actions, and developing knowledge, skills and confidence in Māori performing arts.

Cost: $495 + GST per hour

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