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Māori Performing Arts

Our Māori Performing Arts services can be shaped to meet your specific needs, in-person or online.


We can compose waiata, haka, karakia or other Māori items tailored to your organisation. These bespoke compositions will include:

  • Lyrics, translation, and explanation
  • Recording
  • Actions (if required)
  • Guitar or piano chords (if required)
  • Tutorial to learn and practise the item (if required)

Cost: $1995 + GST for lyrics, translation, explanation, recording, and chords
$295 + GST for actions
$495 + GST for a one-hour tutorial

Kapa-haka Tutoring

We can teach you kapa-haka, vocal training, actions and choreography, and build your knowledge, skills, and confidence in performing.

Cost: $495 + GST per hour

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