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Māori Performing Arts

Composing Service

We can compose a waiata, haka, karakia or other Māori cultural expressions tailored to your organisation’s staff, work, principles, values and clients. These bespoke compositions will include:

  • Lyrics, translation and explanation
  • Audio file of the recording
  • Complementary actions and/or guitar or piano chords if required
  • Tutorials to learn and practise the item

The benefits of your organisation having its item are multi-fold:

  • A waiata/haka will align specifically with your brand identity
  • No other organisation will perform your item at internal or external events
  • A waiata/haka is a tangible contribution to developing a unique culture
  • No more using waiata/haka performed by all and sundry

Cost: $1995.00 + GST for lyrics, recording, translation and explanation
$295.00 + GST additional cost for actions
$295.00 + GST additional cost for a one-hour tutorial

Teaching Kapa-haka Service

We can tutor kapa-haka to your organisation. This includes learning the background and context behind various kapa-haka elements, learning classic and original items and actions, and developing knowledge, skills and confidence in Māori performing arts.

Cost: $250.00 + GST per hour

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