I just wanted to write to express my thanks to Hone for the "Engaging Effectively with Maori" session that was held this morning (15.5.19) at Tauranga Hospital. Hone has literally changed my whole mindset - I feel so empowered and determined to change the way I engage with people of all cultures but particularly Maori, whom we have failed and continue to fail with our current health care system. I have enrolled in a Te Reo course, am going to speak up and do the right thing when I hear or see any kind of racism, unconscious or not. I really identified with the idea that we have been institutionalized and I for one am going to change that. Many thanks - I really feel my attitude and response and therefore my children's will be changed forever.

Tauranga Hospital

I just wanted to let you know how much we’re enjoying the classes. I did a Te Reo class many years ago where it felt a bit forced and so I didn’t retain much of it. I really like your relaxed style, which keeps us moving and learning at a good pace. And the games are hilarious. Miharo!”

Crown Law

Thank you so much for this morning’s class, I’ve had lots of positive feedback from the team already! General consensus is that they loved it; it’s brilliant to have an opportunity to come together as a team for some fun and learning, and also doing something where we’re all at the same stage together.

Wellington City Council

I just wanted to drop you both a note to say thank you for your work so far with us at Crown Law. I have had so much positive feedback about both the Te Reo classes and this afternoon I’ve had multiple people come to me praising the Engaging Well workshop (one said “It was easily the best, most informative and most relevant workshop I have attended in my nine years at Crown Law”). We are so pleased to be partnering with you both with this such important mahi.

Crown Law

I found your competency training to be extremely thought provoking, informative and challenging. Given my teams direct interaction with the above legislation and our duty to include our communities in our plan development and decision making processes I think it would be invaluable for us to undertake your competency training as a team.

Wellington City Council

Kia ora Hone, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the course yesterday I attended here in the Education Centre. I did not think it would bring up any emotions but had tears a couple of times which surprised me. I have come back to the office after the training and told EVERYONE in the team who hasn't attended to attend the course. One of our staff is registered for May. The course was very well run, informative and interesting not to mention thought provoking, and inspiring me to be a better person. Thank you again, keep on doing your amazing mahi!

Bay of Plenty DHB

Tēnā koe Hone I attended your workshop at the Bay of Plenty DHB in Tauranga last Wednesday morning. I apologise that it has taken me this long to extend my heart-felt thanks for the knowledge, information and tools you shared during our hui. I do admit to finding time to check out your website though!! Since then I have not stopped talking to as many others as possible about the information and learnings from that powerful session. This has included the Health Care Home Collaborative, a meeting I attended the following day in Wellington where the topic was equity. Already I am planning the work we will do in the project I am involved in currently for a small group of practices in the Bay of Plenty. Thank you for your inspiration - I am enrolling to study Te Reo Māori this year. Know that you made a difference to one more person.


Hone’s son Aperahama used to work for Kahui Legal but left in 2019 (a great loss to the firm) to pursuit his passion and help businesses engage with Maori more effectively, through Engaging Well. We currently have Te Reo lessons with Api every Tuesday and have done so for about a year now. Course material is fantastic and easy to follow for all levels of competency. Api is very engaging when teaching (games are super fun!) and they both have a really deep understanding of Maoridom which helps keep you motivated and interested in the course material. I highly recommend their services!

Kāhui Legal

Tēnā koe Aperahama, Thank you very much for taking the time to speak at our Crown Law CLASS seminar on 14 July 2020 on Understanding and Celebrating Matariki. As you will have seen from the turnout of staff, and their engagement with the content, there was a great deal of interest in the subject. This also speaks to the high quality of education that you are providing to our office. We would also like to formally acknowledge our deep appreciation for your gift of the waiata to Crown Law. We will ensure it is honoured in its use, and are touched by your thoughtfulness in both composing the waiata, and gifting it to us. Following a seminar we ask three attendees at different levels of the organisation for any feedback they have on the seminar – including to inform whether it could be beneficial to repeat the seminar in future. The following feedback was received:

“It was excellent, good to have it all explained.”​

“Having the Waiata was really cool and good to practice.”

“Incredibly informative, really well structured with a good balance of information.”

“Really interesting”

“The level of information provided was great to explain why and how things fit together.”

We certainly feel there would be a lot of value in running an extension of this seminar again in future, if you are willing to present it. On behalf of the Education Group, and the whole of the Crown Law Office, thank you again for the time, effort and energy you gave to help us better understand Matariki.

Crown Law