Evidence shows that Māori are disproportionately represented in negative statistics including health, education and incarceration statistics. We seek to address these inequities by educating, training, mentoring and advising individuals, groups and organisations to engage effectively with Māori. 

Hone is the founding director of Engaging Well Ltd. Together, Hone and Aperahama have developed a suite of professional development opportunities within the Engaging Effectively with Māori programme that are designed to develop the knowledge and skills required by workers to think, behave and practise in culturally competent, culturally safe and culturally intelligent ways.


We are passionate about addressing the inequities experienced by Māori across the myriad of current social statistics. We consider this reality to be unacceptable, unjust and avoidable. We offer our knowledge, skills, expertise and experience to create meaningful change through the Engaging Effectively with Māori programme.